To our valued clients and community partners:

Please be advised, as of September 6, 2022, Ruah Counselling Centre will be increasing our standard fee for service from $75.00 per session to $90.00 per session for all new requests for counselling services. Reduced fee and no fee options remain in place for those who are eligible.

Ruah’s standard fee for service has remained the same since 2015, with reduced fee and no fee options according to one’s ability to pay.

Given our transition to an independent entity, with an increase in our expenses, to remain sustainable as a non-profit organization, this step is necessary for us to continue to deliver essential mental health and wellness services in our community

Please feel free to contact us at 579-0168 with any questions or concerns.

Fee Structure Policy for Counselling Services:

  1.  Clients with a yearly income below $30,000.00 are eligible for no fee.
  2. Clients with income above $30,000.00 will pay one percent of their yearly income, rounded to the nearest $5000.00. For example, a client with a yearly income of $32,000.00 per year will pay $30.00 per session. A client with an income of $58,000 would pay $60.00 per session.
  3. Clients with a yearly income of over $75,000.00 will pay $90.00 per session.
  4. For clients who are referred to counselling by a specific agency, the referring agency will be charged the standard fee of $90.00 per session.
  5. For clients who have health insurance that covers counselling services, the client or insurance provider will be charged $90.00 per session.