Fee Structure Policy for Counselling Services:

  1.  Clients with a yearly income below $30,000.00 are eligible for no fee.
  2. Clients with income above $30,000.00 will pay one percent of their yearly income, rounded to the nearest $5000.00. For example, a client with a yearly income of $32,000.00 per year will pay $30.00 per session. A client with an income of $58,000 would pay $60.00 per session.
  3. Clients with a yearly income of over $75,000.00 will pay $75.00 per session.
  4. For clients who are referred to counselling by a specific agency, the referring agency will be charged the standard fee of $75.00 per session.
  5. For clients who have health insurance that covers counselling services, the client or insurance provider will be charged $75.00 per session.