6 Week Program

This group is designed to help parents, parents-to-be and carers of 0 to 10-year-olds prepare their children for life.

Over the duration of this group, we look at:

  • Building Strong Foundations
  • Meeting our Children’s Needs
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Teaching Healthy Relationships
  • Long-Term Goals

Please note that this group does not provide a focus on the specific needs of any special interest group such as single parents, adoptive parents or individuals sharing custody. Instead, it presents universal issues, challenges and situations that we all encounter as parents, regardless of our individual situations.

Every parent could benefit from participating in this group.


To be determined.

To be determined.

Pre-Registration Required – Limited Seating

To register for this group please complete the Request for Services Form. For more information contact Ruah Counselling Centre at (709) 579-0168 or email: info@ruahcounselling.ca

Individuals who are unable to pay the standard fee for service, under special circumstances, may be eligible for reduced fee or no fee.