8 WeekProgram

Stress is a common, even pervasive characteristic of contemporary life. Work, family, and our social lives and experiences can serve as sources of stress. It is critical that we explore this complex subject in order to understand how to address stress in our lives.

  1. First, we will learn what stress is, from both an emotional and physical perspective, and how it affects our health.
  2. Second, we will evaluate our current levels of stress and learn to understand our personal triggers and stressors.
  3. Finally, we will explore various tools and activities in order to learn what works best for each of us in order to address the stress in our lives.


To be determined

To be determined


Pre-Registration Required – Limited Seating

To register for this group please complete the Request for Services Form. For more information contact Ruah Counselling Centre at (709) 579-0168 or email: info@ruahcounselling.ca

Individuals who are unable to pay the standard fee for service, under special circumstances, may be eligible for reduced fee or no fee.